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Saikung Trip

My fantabulous event this week.

It would (easily) be hanging out with my friends this week in HK to:

(1) play a friendly game or two of Texas Hold Em; and

(2) the next day, with that same group, more or less, plus some visitors from SF, to go on a boat trip to Saikung to celebrate a birthday.

It has been so long since I swam in the ocean. That alone made my weekend. And no, the rain did nothing to curb my enthusiasm. In fact, floating in the ocean with the raindrops pelting the landscape, it was such a beautiful s...Read more

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Tesla or "What goes on at the House of Alive Not Dead"

Some of you may wonder what the boys do at the alivenotdead office all day. That is, besides working feverishly on the website, coordinate with artists and events, manhandling Admin bear, and bathroom breaks, etc. Well, here is one conversation late Saturday nite before we head off to celebrate Etchy's b-day and see Audiotraffic and Josie, et al. at Fringe.

Jto, me, Narom, and Terence were talking about memorization. Specifically, what techniques are used, and how some special peopl...Read more

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Hello Kitty

Watch out!

There are now Hello Kitty Notebooks on sale.





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Famous Nurse passes away

This is a very touching story of a brave nurse who broke with tradition, risked her life, and saved lives in WWII in pursuing her dream of being a nurse.


"The story of Rita Wong, the only Chinese nurse at the hospital for the Flying Tigers, could be one of the most touching tales of Worl...Read more

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Kentucky Fried Movie

For those of you who aren't familiar with this movie, I have to say that this is one of my favorite Zucker brothers movies (Naked Gun, Airplane, etc.). So many classic skits in here like Cure for Death ("Death is still the number one killer in the United States today.") or Catholic High School Girls in Trouble, or the skit with Jim Slade. Really, they're all classics.

But Etchy and Stephen's talk of the junk cruise or lack thereof made me think of the Bruce Lee send-up with Dr. Klahn.

Read more

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More Let's Fight Photos

Here's some more pics.

They are mostly 24 Herbs.

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Let's Fight Photos

I've been having computer problems for awhile, hence the delay. So here are a few photos from Fight Night 1.

A lot of the shots, compositionally worked to my liking, but the smoke made everything seem hazy and white (lots of light bouncing back), so the final shot doesn't look as good as I like

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Dog Shelter

Looking at Rosemary's blog, I thought about my own sister's project. Not too long ago, my sister's dog, a mixed breed she brought home from the shelter, finally passed away after a long and full life (estimated at 14 years).

In remembrance of her dog, Blacky, my sister set up a project where she would do dog (and other pet) portraits, and a good portion of those proceeds would go to the various dog shelters, SPCA, and pet hospitals in Vancouver, BC.

Here's a sample of her work. If anyone is interested, let me know....Read more

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And now for something lighter.... Summer!

Enough rants for now.

Summer is here!

With so many summer birthdays, there are a bunch of things I'm looking forward to (but have to get past these May rains)

  1. BBQ. What ever happened to those backyard/public park bbqs where we marinate the meat with our homemade secret recipes, throw some shrimp and chicken on the grill, break out some cold beers, see the ladies in their summer dresses, and chill with the gang. I miss that a lot.

  2. Beach parties.  What with all the n...Read more

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Where's my Beef?

Here's President's Bush's eloquent argument to open up the China market to U.S. beef:

 "They need to be eating U.S. beef. It's good for them. They'll like it," he said.



What happened to intelligent, well-spoken leaders like Wilson, Lincoln, and the Founders. Instead, we get a C-average, legacy student high high on coke to re...Read more

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