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Thx for all ur birthday wish!! 

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I like this lyrics from Fama  用呢隻手拎住結婚戒指 問你鍾意嘅女士 願吾願意

用呢隻手其中一隻手指 對住你嘅波士 叫佢咪咁多事

用呢隻手改變世界歷史 有人話你無知 起碼你肯嘗試

我要用呢隻手寫出我嘅歌詞 無論你鍾唔鍾意

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BLOG: 1月6日

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Finally~~~I win

Set trap for our lovely friend

When tonight I go to bandroom........

I dont wanna she get the cold.So.....

I will feed until D'in back

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To all my AnD friends~~~~

Merry X'mas

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Finally,we do sth for her

Finally we are very angry coz rat make so much trouble in bandroom

Why have rat in our bandroom?

There are no food and everything are Undirty


I dont know rats like to eat squid or not

then also put the beer and cigarettes beside it...

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Crazimalz Gig

Finally,we have great night yesterday.....

"The love song"MV Fisrt Broadcast Party.....

Formed by our producer Anton Wong.....

And Crazimalz had release party there too.....

Thx for all our friends who coming.....


Anton's song and MV are great too......

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D'in's Birthday

D'in's Birthday

This's brithday gift from Don to D'in

D'in:Im not drunk!!!But where am i ????

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SGP Day 2

Sorry for blog so late

Let's we review Day 2 of our Singapore trip...

We all drunk at Day 1 nite but i woke up early following day

I woke my mates up with special but useful method

Ready??Jump!!!!One by One

After the breakfast we start to go Orchard Road

And we can see bird shit on the top of our car...

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Hong Kong
October 6, 2007