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dirty bass

      kink groove  by  bishopdante

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sonic mangling

the reformatters at hand  by  bishopdante

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requiem for the glaciers

  glacier requiem  by   bishopdante 

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Communications, the future... no wait... the past of.

did you know that lucasfilm released cyberspace, as known to most as second life in 1986. For the C64? What on earth?!?? Yes indeed.

Look at how bad that is ahahahahhhahaaa

check it out here

Today, a woman divorced her real wetware husband for committing adultery on second life. That's right, she virtu...Read more

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Radiohead Remix

Isn't it great that if you think you can make it better, now you can change it?

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Whoah, realtime!

This rather frightening website is called Stickam. I blogged about this 2, 3 years ago when it was a baby, and the video segments were the size of postage stamps and made everybody look like stroboscopic zombies. It's come along leaps and bounds, to form an animated myspace.I will shout in the shoutbox when my clearly superior in all respects all singing and dancing chatbox is alive and manned.

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Hong Kong features in 21st Graf history being made

There is a not so secret organisation called the Graffiti Research Lab. One of their founders just went missing in China, last seen in the hands of the police. Hey ho, that'll teach you to mess with the olympics, Sino Tibetan politics is just too complex to get mixed up in. Best stick to the Art, mate.

Anyhow, the organisation have been doing some AMAZING work. Longest distance Tag ever. In the city of all those mental lighting displays, well, it's ideal really.

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This Crap that people call mistakenly drum'n'bass

It isn't very good a lot of this crap they're peddling as drum'n'bass these days. A reminder from the originals.DJ SS Dylan More DJ SS Ganja Crew

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Megacity X

Reflecting on my time in Shen Zhen and Hong Kong, I can only say that it's beyond expanded my mind. The rate at which China is modernising and capitalising is frankly unprecedented.

I'm a kid of the concrete jungle, and as I said in my emails to my buddies back home in the UK: "This makes London look like Venice." And I couldn't be more frank. I ain't seen nothing compared to what China is buiding right now.

I'm very worried about what will happen. Sure, urban life is an upgrade from the rigours and ha...Read more

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The ancient art of shouto boxing

Long forgotten in the mists of ancient digital systems, amongst the shamanic masters of Cybersyn, Telnet and Gopher, there was an ancient art... Instant message. Realtime Feedback. Telex to telex. Tesla was the magician, Marconi was the original founding father, Morse the original seer. This site has something really compelling on it. The shout box. 10 lines. Real Time. Free for all. Its restricted palette makes for some great verbal encounters. I've had fun on the shout box. I remember the days of yahoo's labyrinth o...Read more

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Welcome to the 21st Century. It's very different to what you'll know from the 20th, and you can't hide anything unless it's a needle in a haystack.

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