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New Music Video Posted! Watch, Rate (5 Stars), and Share!

Artist: Cast of Thousands

Song: Wicked Smile

Director: Bernard Badion


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Feb 20 in SF!


The premiere of all the music videos in competition including mine for "Wicked Smile" by Cast Of Thousands will premiere on Feb 20! For more info go to the above website! Back to editing, but for now here's a little treat!

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Wicked Smile Shoot and That Feeling

So it's Monday which means I am alive and typing. Finished the Wicked Smile shoot! Pretty hectic, but I feel everything came together nicely. We shot at my friend Pat's work. Which brings me to a tangent.

You know when you have something crazy going on in your life and it feels like all these other events and problems just come up. Well that's kind of what making any film is like. It feels like 50 different things just come at you at once and you start getting this weird feeling like 'what have I g...Read more

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Wicked Smile

Shooting Cast of Thousands "Wicked Smile" music video at the end of the week back in the bay area. Update coming soon.

for more on the band: www.myspace.com/castofthousands

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Stereotypical Writer

I'm sitting in a coffee shop writing. How typical can I be? I swear it's the free internet that gets me to come here! And I'm loving their Chai. I'm at one of my favorite places to write, Mojo Coffee in Goleta, CA. I wrote two short stories here and seem to always have good luck here. Anyways, I've been MIA because I've been writing. I'm doing a little something different this time around. I'm writing two totally seperate scrīpt at the same time. You can probably tell that I get bored easy huh? ahah! So on...Read more

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Anyone here?

Hey, been gone for awhile, but I'm back. Give you the update soon, but a lot has been happening! laters...

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"Slow Machines" by The Gold Medalists

Recently our friends at IndyMogul.com posted us on their blog. I got the plans on how to build the robot from Erik's site. Check it out! INDYMOGUL.com rocks!


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Support my new music video! It has Robots!

Song: "Slow Machines"

Artist: The Gold Medalists

Check that out along with my competition at the website below. The winner gets a spot in the music video showcase at the 2008 San Francisco Asian American Film Festival!


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Alive Not Dead... Yep

Snooping around the net gets you in trouble. As they say idle hands... Anyways every other week there's always a new blog site and for some reason I get coaxed or I just end up for whatever reason make an account. I just want to say, that this will be DIFFERENT.

I first came upon Alive Not Dead through Michael Kang's blog which I would read every so often. Started browsing around and thought, hey maybe I'm one of those guys that people might be like, "hey what happened to that one guy that made that little movie...Read more

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January 6, 2008