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Glass Jaw

in HK

OM effing G.

btw, hello. I'm back

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traveling man

Damn it Hong kong! Its good to be home! Ive been on the plane all this year in order: Istanbul, New Jersey, Ft Lauderdale, Aruba, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Jamaica, New York, Singapore, Dubai, Istanbul.My arse is sore and i dont want to see another plane for a while.My Guitar is dusty, the action is screwed and i have not had a melody in my head for eons.So i am looking around for inspiration.B.

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a busy busy month, and an even busier weekend... having just come off the end of luxury week, with Hugo Boss Black , and Chivas to round off the crazy month.... No i am trying to get back to some sanity - recording for the Underground compilation CD this month, as well as an acoustic show in october.... pick up that guitar!My Live Journal and Myspace are dying.Drop me a line.:)

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   I'll be recording 2 tracks in August with my good friend motionfades (AKA Mic Makkai).. time to practice!!!

also, help needed ASAP

I am looking for backline gear for some international bands:

any help you can give will be excellent. All gear will be fully insured and covered. And obviously they will pay for hire.

here is what im looking for

mesa boogie duel rectifier 2 channel 100 watts amp head mesa boogie dual rectifier 3 channel 100 watts amp head mesa 2 x 12 cabinet mesa boogie stiletto amps (2 ...Read more

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I'll be playing with motionfades supporting Wu Hong Fei and Happy Avenue (BEIJING) at Club CIXI this Sunday

Come down and say hi!!    


And to see me covered with (even more) tattoos, i'll be one of the "canvas'" for the up and coming:

SKIN:INKS+Hong+Kong+Tattoo+Art+Exhibition-ev...Read more

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my profile

    never seems to get past the 80% complete bar. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

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    Sometimes, when you don't even look, something lands in your lap by just saying hi.

opening for a BEIJING band Wuhongfei and Happy Avenue on June 1st with good mate motionfades... and very excited about it! hope to see you there!

xoxo gossip girl

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  HI, Next show: A great band i grew up with in Sydney is coming to Hong Kong next wednesday. Come check out PEABODY! Supporting will be the very sexy DAVID BOWIE KNIVES and myself with motionfades:   CAVERN- LKF April 9, 8pm SHOW SOME LOVE, Benson

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My blog has been launched.

...it's my 4th profile like thing on the blasted internet.....LJ/die-space/facebook...and now introducing....ALIVE NOT DEAD!!

artist page coming up!

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