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Anyone out there?

BTW guys,

If you're out there, drop me a message. While guestbooks are great, it's even better when we can connect. Say hi (or bye) or share a joke.

Don't be a stranger.


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More studio Pics.

Hi All,

here's another pic of the studio I'm at.

My current favorite, the Rupert Neve Designs 5088 portico console. This is one of those consoles that works well across all genres.

And here's a pic of the recording space. The baby grand is fitted with a disklavier playback system.

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Yes I know...

Hi Everyone,

Yes I know it's taken a while. While i appreciate the busy periods, I also wish I have a bit more time to connect with new strangers and old friends.

In the meantime, while I try to cope with my current schedule, here is a sneak peak at the new studio.

*This is the effects rack.

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A studio is up.

Hi guys,

I wish i can be a bit more up to date with my blog but unfortunately, my current workload doesn't give me as much time online as I would like.

A new studio is up. And with that some new interesting projects.

The studio features some of the best mics and pre amps and is centered around a Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5088 console. There's also a C1 baby grand piano that is fitted with a disklavier system for those who want authentic piano sounds.

Photos will be up soon, hopefully.

In the ...Read more

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www.amirmasoh.com is operational.

After a long break, amirmasoh.com is operational. It will still undergo tweaks and updates over the course of a few months, based on people's feedbacks.

On the site, I've uploaded a selected discography which includes some of my work for the past 17 years. A more comprehensive discography is still under consideration.

That said, a whole new sound is coming for 2012. Some really exciting new projects that will most definitely result in me clockin...Read more

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For the next few days or so, I will be uploading some of my past works on my music player.

So stay tuned.

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It's about time....

Yes, I know... What took me so long...

Well, apart from traveling a lot the past few years, I never really found the time to blog. but recently, maybe due to age, I've become more vocal and slightly mellow and perhaps that's the reason why I've been feeling like I've got something to say...


Just a quick a update, I've been busy producing a few artists and new releases are to be expected. And yes, I'm back to take on more projects.

Stay tuned.

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