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stop complaining 'bout ur life cause miracle happened everyday ~

lets commit a perfect crime, i steal ur heart and u steal mine ~

im out of idea, give my creativity back !! ~

nice one ! ~

everytime u waked up, thanks ur lucky stars ~


its been an age since my heart awesomely unplayable, but somehow its still works ~


ur guard is up, and i know why ~

maybe my wishful thinking, probably my mindless dreaming; but if we were loved again i'd swear to love u right; ive go back to that time and change it, but i cant. so if the chain is on ur door, i understand ~

thanks for being so awesome in my life, thanks for being so soft and kind all the way, thanks for ur patience against my momentary emotion. and thanks for make me 'me' ; Thank you ~

we buy shit we dont need, with money we dont have, to impress people we dont like, thats all ~


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