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What is Booey Lehoo??

Today, we just completed our press conference for “Booey Lehoo” at the JW Marriott Hotel in Beijing…

People have been wondering what this is so I’ve got some explaining to do…

In the week commencing December 12 th, Booey Lehoo will bring some of the biggest stars of music and sports from the US and China together to raise awareness for a great initiative aimed at young people in both of our great countries.

Booey Lehoo is being organized by an organization called Americans Promoting Study Abroad APSA, which is part of the 100,000 Strong Initiative under an umbrella group set up by President Obama to raise funds for an educational exchange program on an unprecedented scale.  The Initiative aims to bring 100,000 students from the US to study in China over the next four years, which will lay the groundwork for friendly relations and understanding between our nations over the coming century.  Americans Promoting Study Abroad are working within this framework to bring high school students from underrepresented communities to study in China, and will also be working to bring Chinese students in a similar situation to study in the United States.

Whoops!  I just realized I’m late for Thanksgiving dinner with the production crew so I’ll be back again with more details of this exciting event along with our star-studded charity concert soon!

Happy Turkey Day!

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Have a very happy Thanksgiving! And thank you and everyone involved for doing such great work, I look forward to hearing more :)
over 8 years ago
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wow that's a pretty ambitious program! i imagine it will be a very rewarding experience for everyone involved though.
over 8 years ago
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ps - Happy Thanksgiving!
over 8 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
what a strange name. =)
over 8 years ago


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