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Blog moved to mralfredtse.blogspot.com!

In today's world, everything is about convenience, about connectivity, about efficiency. Having ideas for posts from two days ago is, by today's standard, old news. Hence, I am moving my blog to mralfredtse.blogspot.com not because I don't like AnD, on the contrary this has been nothing short of wonderful... it's just that blogspot is integrated with Google Apps which bring everything together... my emails, calendar, now blog, all under my o...Read more

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Brand snob

Yeah, I admit it.

I've always been a bit of brand snob.

Always wanting nice things, and dismissing other things as 'cheap and nasty' and 'crap' simply, well, because of the brand.

Which is why I've gotten myself into so much debt in the past.

Don't get me wrong, I do love a bargain and do shop around until I find the best deal in town... it's just that previously I have been more than willing to buy something with a bigger and better brand over some lessor or even unknown brand.

...Read more
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Spring has Sprung...

Despite not being quite Spring yet here downunder, it sure feels like it... today, a nice sunny and bright day outside.

Some good recent news... well, actually old news to some who follow my bookface page...

I am immensely proud that my brother has finally been awarded his PhD!

Although we all knew it was coming and it never came to us as a surprise, you just can't beat that feeling of being immensely proud of the achievements he has done.

More good news to...Read more

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Life's a journey...and other thoughts...

Some say, life's like a journey, and that the destination is not important.

I used to be a flight attendant... albeit a domestic one, with very limited international flights...

So for me, some days would be 11 hours long (not including getting to and from work) and it'll be a flight from Sydney to Melbourne, then Melbourne to Sydney, the Sydney back to Melbourne, and finally Melbourne back to Sydney... with loading of catering in between, and assisting with boarding etc...

Rush, rus...Read more

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The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me...

I have had many dreams in my life... far too many...

No, I'm not talking about the counting sheep variety, or those randomly created while catching those ZZZzzz...s

I'm talking about dreams and aspirations...

But, I have not turned many of these into goals.

As previously mentioned...

...a dream is wanting to do something.... thinking about it...wishing...

...a goal is actually taking steps to achieve it...the doing...

It has taken me many years to work out what...Read more

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A New Leaf? Or is it?

I'm turning over a new leaf...

Pursuing an acing career in Sydney has sent me broke...

Too much at stake here... other wonderful things need to be done and can't wait for me to maybe/maybe not be able to earn a living as an actor...

Hence, I'm turning over a new leaf... albeit an already familiar one...

...it's back to office admin work...

I only have 2 temp jobs lined up that will only see me good for a month while I await permanent opportunities to arise... I'm hopeful that a...Read more

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One Good Guy

I've been labelled a 'good guy' during my life... several occasions, actually.

It sounds like bragging, I know, but it isn't.

You see, a 'good guy' can be a kind person... someone who is, 'alright'... alright to be around as company, alright as in 'not bad'...

It can be a compliment.


A 'good guy' is not a 'great guy'... a good guy is the back up plan, for when the 'great guy' is not available... the good guy is uninspiring, just someone...Read more

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3rd and final entry for 3 April 2011

I'm working hard on my big picture too...

Thank you for choosing to take this journey with me~ so much lovelier with you by my side!

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Blog update - 4 April 2011

This would be my 38th published blog entry on this site...

Highest number of views on an entry: 64

Lowest number of views on an entry: 12

Average number of views: 32

Total views: 1201

That's 1200 more than I deserve... thank you everyone for your support!

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Random thoughts - 4 April 2011

Another collection of random thoughts not aimed at anyone or anything... just thoughts and (often) twisted logic I couldn't be bothered writing down on a piece of paper (lest I misplace it)...

Not everyone will understand what I mean... not everyone will appreciate it... not everyone will agree with me...

  A Simple Life

There is nothing 'simple' about a simple life...

Needs and Wants

'Needs' are simple...

...it is t...Read more

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