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Red Cliff Online

Teaser site for John Woo's upcoming RED CLIFF.


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Future Projects

I have been asked a few times what my next film will be after BLOOD BROTHERS. Recently, HAF has announced 25 projects that they will endorse this year. And one of them is DETOUR, a film I am working on.  

DETOUR actually was meant to be my first feature film. It was the first project I worked on with John Woo and Terence Chang’s Lion Rock Productions. We actually prepped the film for a year and was meant to be shot in Bangkok. Needless to say, the film did not push through and I went on to shoot BLOOD BROTHERS.  

Still, DETOUR...Read more

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Blood Brothers US Screening

To answer some queries about the film's US screening. There is a planned screening in Chicago at the Gene Siskel Film Center in February. Will post the dates when it is confirmed. Aside from that Blood Brothers was picked up by First Look Studios for US distribution. Here is the original Screen Daily article from a while back:

First Look takes US rights to Blood Brothers

Liz Shackleton  in Santa Monica

02 Nov 2007 06:02


First Look Studios has acquired US rights to John Woo and Terence...Read more

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John Woo Wraps Red Cliff

  After a gruelling eight month shoot, John Woo will be wrapping RED CLIFF this month. It is the movie to watch for 2008. Here is the original Variety article: BEIJING -- When "Red Cliff" filmmakers look over the edge, they can finally see the finish line. After a production schedule blasted by thesp-scheduling issues and appalling weather, the biggest Chinese movie of all time is now...Read more

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Blood Brothers DVD

Blood Brothers DVD has been released in HK. Please check it out. 

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Hello. This is my first blog. Just finished directing my first feature this year, BLOOD BROTHERS. Some of you may have seen it. Hope to connect with fellow filmmakers. Peace.

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November 29, 2007