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Hello everyone! How are you doing ? How was your summer time ? Here its getting cold at night time and it feels like its Heading to Autumn .

We've had our 17th wedding anniversary this summer .

We visited Diana's ancestral house in Althorpe ,  Roller coaster at thorpe park and Alton towers, Beach, BBQ party  and so on . " Thanks to God"  We had a good time again .

My cousin in Japan gave birth to baby boy today ! Congratulations AKEMI !!! I remember when we were little kids .

And My niece in London got en...Read more

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Manchester trip

Hello everyone ! How are you doing ?

I had chance to visit Manchester for filming " The fattest man in Britain " with Mr Timothy Spall & Mr Bobby Ball .Its inspired by true story . My part is just little but honor to be with them .

 My impression of Manchester is brown brick building and river side an industrial zone and OASIS came from there .  I like OASIS anyway .

Shooting location was a house in a quiet small town out side Manchester  and One cute pitiful Cat was there all the time and She was on the ...Read more

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Jimmy Wong in London

Hello everyone ! How are you doing ?

One of my best freinds in HongKong Mr Jimmy Wong came to london today !

I met him in HongKong more than 10 years ago through a film project called " Slow Fade " .

He came here to celebrate his niece's graduation .

Its been about 6 years since we last met in Japan .

We  had a nice time today !

Friends are nice isn't it !!!

Have a nice day !!!



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Wishing for world Peace !!!

North Korea test " like Hiroshima " (by Aidan Radnedge )

The world united in fear and outrage yesterday after North Korea carried out a nuclear test with the force of the bombs that fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki .

Even the rogue Communist state's usual allies, China and Russia, condemned the underground test which shook the ground 210km(130miles) away.

An emergency United Nations meeting was called to discuss toughening up sanctions against Pyongyang.

Secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon ac...Read more

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Cloning technology ?



Hello everyone ! How are you doing ?

Human beings find out new ideas and try to make them come true.

Some specialists continue to experiment to find success .

Accordingly , we over came serious diseases and we can travel all over the world by airplane easily and safely , And also we are communicating with everyone on this planet by the internet immediately .

" Thank God this is amazingly convenient useful scientific progress aids evolution "

If my father lived again he...Read more

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Belgium trip

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Show reel

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxqV1MXoDSo Hello everyone ! How are you doing ?

My friend Mr Jackson Pat ( www.sceneproductions.com) gave me a superb present yesterday !

Thank you so much...Read more

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Hello everyone ! How are you doing ?

Yes ! Its snowing  a lot in london from last night !

Schools are closed , Bus & Trains are stopped, people are smiling when you pass by on the street .

A nice slow time in a busy life for everyone .

What a nice holiday !

Thanks God !

Have a nice day !


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Happy New Year from London !

Hello everyone ! Happy New year 2009 !

How was your holday ?

I had a nice time with my family & friends , we had a new year celebration party with friends,

We ate special home made dumpling which my friends couple Eiji san & Kyouko san (actor & designer)

made. It was the tastiest dumpling ever ! They taught me special recipe for it ! I will try next time !

Jun san & Kaeko san made Tiramisu cake and we could celebrate Eiji's birthday too !

I was a drinking like a ...Read more

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Congratulations America

Hello everyone !  I think we are going the positive way !!! " If they say no tell them  yes we can " !

If we just trust it life is magic !

Have a nice day !

Lots of Love and Peace !!!


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April 27, 2007