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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/tAY9ErQxqv Breitling - Emergency II Operation

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Cool fun watches for Adults and Children alike.http://t.co/opf02CYaYU http://t.co/U7urpUJ3S1

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Director,screenwriter Park Hoon-Jung in London

For the past two months the London Korean Cultural Centre in the Strand have been holding one of their regular Film night features ,which feature either a director,actor or screenwriter or any other filmmaker.In a three year project which started way back in 2012 (something we did not know about at the time) they featured in 2012 the works of twelve directors ,showing their films in series and inviting said directors to visit for one of the screenings of their films.In 2013 it was the turn of the actors, This ti...Read more

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Celebrate the Legendary Shaw Brothers with K.I.T.G.

Fans of Kung Fu cinema will have a soft spot for the films from the Shaw Brothers studios, in the 60's and 70's they produced some of the greatest wuxia and Kung Fu films to grace the screen.In a look back at the studio and it's films the K.I.T.G team have compiled a small bio on the studio and it's founders and will in three month series look back at a number of the studios ...Read more

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Scott Adkins to appear at Birmingham Comic Con

Scott Adkins as Yuri Boyka  in Undisputed 3Scott Adkins star of Ninja ,El'gringo ,Expendables 2 and more is set to appear at the Birmingham Comic con at the NEC on Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of March 2014.Along with many other stars from TV and film Scott will be on hand for a photo shoot and Autograph signing.MCM Comic Con is a great media event to see the latest games,meet the stars and hear abou...Read more

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Shaw Brothers classics go cheap on Amazon UK

If  your into your classic Shaw Brothers films and want to add to your collection then you should head over to Amazon UK right now as there are some great bargains on some of their classics on the DRAGON DYNASTY label..OK some of the artwork may not be correct ,but as importing the original Celestial pictures films can set you back a good £13 or more a film , with the bargains on offer you could buy four or five films for the price of one Celestial region 3  release..Tiltes on offer include ' Return to 36th Ch...Read more

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Jean Claude keeps his Enemies Close

The Latest action film from the Muscle from Brussels is ''Enemies Closer '' where Jean Claude Van Damme  stars alongside Tom Everett Scott ,the two are caught in a drug war between the cartels when Henry ( Scott) is forced to retrieve a lost package for the cartel.The film was released in the States on January 24th , and will probably  be a straight to DVD in the UK.Of note the film is directed by Peter Hyams ( Capricorn One ' The Star Chamber) and this is the third film he has directed with Jean Claude...Read more

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Lady Assassin strikes at Terracotta film Club

The guys behind the yearly Terracotta Far East Film Festival are showing the Latest film from Vietnam to break out in the West, on Wednesday 27th November there will be a screening of the film at the Prince Charles Cinema in London's West End.Film Starts at 9.00pm ,doors open at 8.45pmTerracotta hold a monthly film showing on the last Wednesday of each month and i must admit thisis the first one where attending due to having already seen all the previous showings.There have not been that many films from Vietn...Read more

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London Korean Film Festival closing gala in Londons West End

We have had a busy week attending the London Korean Film Festival , for the past three days we have seen three very different and entertaining films in the heart of London's West End.Interpreter  Sah (left) Actor Sol Kyung -Gu( centre) Tony Ryans ( right)Wednesday  we where at the Screenng of HOPE aka So Won ,the latest film from director Lee Joon-ik . The films stars Sol Kyung -Gu ( Public Enemy ) as ...Read more

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Jean ClaudeVan Damme vs Volvo - The Split

Going viral in a matter of less then twenty four hours Jean Claude Van Damme performs  one of his classic spilts between two reversing Volvo trucks whilst standing on thier door mirrors.Proving JCVD still has the moves and the stamina .watch the video for the whole story.YouTube-T0P_Ded5cbsMan and Machine together - JCVD and Volvo

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