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I’m melting in this NY humidity. AC isn’t working. All my hand-washed clothes smell like mildew.

I finally underst… https://t.co/sRBmbBjkVJ

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RT @danieldaekim: “The chicken-or-egg problem applies: how do you get a well-known Asian actor if you don’t ever cast Asians in leading rol…

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As long as these cute bunnies are on the show, I wont be disappointed. 🐰🐰 #Lodge49 https://t.co/xqDjZqeSGM

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Too many good looking model-looking peeps are suddenly following me on @instagram. I see a lot of them following a… https://t.co/zr0Jagy5Pb

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Up next: Staycation Movie at LA Film Festival! #StaycationMovie #LAFilmFestival

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I left a glass of wine out last night and discovered some dead fruit flies in it today. 😆 Gonna leave that wine out… https://t.co/gQXuoVxS6p

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RT @Chopsfilms: 👀👀 @LAFilmFestival representing hard with a still from our new film STAYCATION on the press release. 👀👀

#worldpremiere #R…

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Yesssss 💪🏼 https://t.co/iqQieyZtes

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This is us. #ModernMillennialCodependentCouple https://t.co/bI4yLr5YgI

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See @AnthonyMaSays and I as a couple on the big screen at our World Premiere of #StaycationMovie directed by Tanuj… https://t.co/EhDSjDMLUq

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May 2, 2007

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