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Cousin's wedding.

     This monday was my cousin's big day.We attended her wedding that day,it was so funny and touching.There were lots of her friends and our relatives who appeared on that day,and we did enjoy the whole day.In the lunar calendar,this month is good and suitble for traditional Chinese wedding,therefore many people choose dates of this month to hold such important affair.As the result,we could see many new couple else holding their wedding at the same time.

      Best wishes to you,my cousin!

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Update finally.

     I'm here again..

Since I returned home I spent every day leisurely and carefree,

seldom go out except playing a football game with my friends and out for dinner.

     Last night I went to look round my sister's new roof.Its interior decoration was just finished last week and there aren't any furnitures and electric appliances still.I like the design of the kitchen and washing room most coz they look modern and bright.Totally speaking the interior design of her house is simple but bright and fresh.

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      Arrived home this afternoon,will have a vacation till graduation.

actually it was boring everyday staying at school...

so coming back home is a good choice perhaps..

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Trip to LuoYang

  The past 10 days we went to Luoyang city for a practical trip.Luoyang is located in northwest part of Henan Province,which is a historical famous city which the Chinese and foreigins well-known.As we know there are so many places of interest around the city,we decided to pay a visit to them by using our leisure time.

      The most famous one must be the Longmen Grottes which is about 12 km away from the town.It was built nearly 1600 years ago,when the Buddhism is quite popular in China around Tang Dynasty.Besides,we also travelled ...Read more

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     How time flies..

I've been back to school for 3 days.

this is the last term of my uni.

being busy with course design recently..

see you this summer~

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The past few days might be the best time I had during my winter holiday.

     Gethering with my family,my friends or my former schoolmates,is what I want most to do all year long,coz as you know I study in a uni which is far away from my hometown.We drank,we talked,and even played fireworks together,having fun everyday .How time flies! There is merely 5 days left before I return to school...  I should treasure every second before I leave...

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My holiday

       My last winter holiday began on Jan 8,when I flew back home at once after my final two exams of all.I was so hurry because the next day would be my cousin's wedding day,and I was very excited about his good news of getting marry. Those three days I was busy with work of preparation for my cousin,and just tried my best to gave him a hand.Of course it was inevitable that I drunk much during those days.It was happy anyway.

      The day before yesterday we date together to play a football match again.Before the match we took some ...Read more

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Best wishes to you.

 Annual Christmas is coming soon!!

     Here give all my best wishes to you!


  Elvin becomes santa claus celebrating the festival somewhere

(I just discover this page a minute ago,it's funny),

just click the link below to take a look~


have a preview

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A new song I recommend to you

        Race Wong's new song named

"甜蜜裡的煩惱" ,

     which is sung by her at a charity show .The vedio's quality is not high enough but still sounds clear. It's a nice song!!! 


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Random words.

      I did not realize that my blog hasn't been updated for a long time until this evening.Just write something to refresh it.

      Firstly some feeling of myself. Recently I watched a live tv program of CCTV Internetional,it's about the final of the CCTV Cup English speaking contest. I admired  the performances of those college students so much because the students could give a leture on the stage and have a severe discussion with the pan...Read more

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