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Maybe I should take this as a sign

Sorry, this is gonna be long, I think I needed to vent when I was writing it.

...that I need to lay low and stop partying for a while. I bet my parents would be celebrating if they found out (which is why I'm hiding it from them). What leads me to think this is evident in the following picture. Check out my bad ass clubbing battle scar:...Read more

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Leona Lewis and America's Best Dance Crew (JabbaWockeeZ)

Hello friends...so I know this isn't so much AnD related (when are my blogs ever though?), but I just wanted to share with you all a few of my faves. I just recently heard this girl on the radio and I am SO in love with all of her music! Her name is Leona Lewis and she is the X-Factor winner (is that right? It's the UK's version of American Idol). Her voice sounds kinda like a cross between Mariah Carey and maybe...Beyonce? Well, she sounds awfully like Mariah, which is pretty damn good...Read more

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Hmm...free movie or free lunch?

So "Semi-Pro" starring Will Farrell is screening at work tomorrow, but it's also the same time as a creative lunch meeting where Tony Shalhoub from Monk will be a guest. Haha kinda sad that I am thinking in terms of free. But hey, free is always good!

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The Good Life...

I got tickets to Kanye's glow in the dark concert! (or whatever it's called...) I was just gonna sell 'em on Ebay but I'm a little curious to go see it...I think the glow in the dark element will be cool. Rihanna, N.E.R.D. and Lupe Fiasco are also performing. I don't like Rihanna and I don't like Kanye's attitude now (I really liked him when he first came out...I liked his preppy style and went to go see him at Usher's concert). I guess N.E.R.D. and Lupe will be worth seeing though. "If you are what you s...Read more

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OMG! I can finally quit now.

because I saw AND talked to quite possibly the most famous person I will ever meet hahaha.

The first time I ever talked to a celebrity I saw at work and it happens to be the most famous person I have ever seen in person!

Ready to find out who it is?

I was in the restroom with....drumroll....JULIA ROBERTS!!

So I was walking down the hall to the restroom and I am walking behind a woman with a little girl. At first I thought, "Oh someone brought her daughter...how cute.." and then Julia turn...Read more

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I'm a writer!

Check this out guys! I wrote an article for eHow.com and it's on the front page!  I'm FlufferNutter, and I wrote "How to Find Online Shopping Deals" hehe. Okay, fine, so my friend works for eHow and I probably wouldn't have gotten on the homepage without her help. Still, just amuse me as I bask in my 3 days of glory. Also check out my friend's article, " Read more

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Ngger Wetbck Ch*nk

So I was going to write about this over a week ago, but never got around to it. I've been doing this sorta "internship" on the side where I'm going to learn how to write scrīpt coverages and for now, they're just sending me scrīpts and having me write notes on them. I had already put that assignment off for a week too, so I wanted to finish that first and foremost. I spent the last few hours before I went to sleep trying to perfect it as if I were a procrastinating college student pulling a paper out of my as...Read more

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Stevie Wonder!

I got to listen to Stevie Wonder live today (well, today being Thursday afternoon since it appears that the blogs post with HK time)! He came by our company for a press conference announcing his tour this year and performed a few songs in the courtyard behind the building for us. Sadly, I didn't have a camera with me, so no pics (I should really start bringing my camera to work). However, he is AMAZING (as if you didn't know). At first I wasn't that excited for him because let's face it, he is before my time. I mean, I didn'...Read more

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