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I am Mindfreaked!

I am in Las Vegas working on "Mindfreak" for the second time. I had the best time partying with Criss Angel and the crew this past weekend. But what I'm mindfreaked about is Criss Angel's ability to work 18 hours a day. He is multi-talented, smart and a perfection, the three elements I look for in myself. I have great admiration for Criss Angel. He definitely deserved where he is today!

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Hawaii shoot

Aloha! I just got back from Hawaii working on a feature. It was great to see the "Kang Gang", Sung Kang from FF3: Tokyo Drift and Michael Kang Dir: West 32nd. Yeah, I call them the Kang Gang! lol! I love the people and the crew of Hawaii, they are so amazing! I spent my Halloween in Waikiki checking out all the crazy costumes! Looks like AnD had a crazy party too! Hopefully I'll make it to Hong Kong one of these days to experience your crazy parties! Miss you guys! Now I'm gonna get some rest and get ready for the LA winter ;-)...Read more

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I'll be working in Hawaii for the next three weeks and if there's time I'll stop by HIFF. Hope to see some of you there!

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Hey guys! Sorry for the long wait. I'm not much of a blogger but I will try to keep you updated as much as possible. I was in Vegas last month working on "Mindfreak" with Criss Angel. I've also been working as a Script Supervisor on various project but that is just to survive thru the economic crisis. I've also been doing some acting. Now I am an Associate Producer on a commercial. My next project will most likely be an Assistant Director but I don't want to jinks that yet. As you may or may not know, my ultimate goal is to di...Read more

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I'm alive not dead!

    Hello everyone! Hope all is well. I am taking a few minutes break away from postproduction to blog to you. For the past few months I had the privilege to work with some of the most amazing people in front and behind the scene. First, I would like to tip my hat off to my mentor, father figure and a friend, Mr. James Hong. Working with him was the best experience ever! My favorite memory is not when we were working but when I was invited to Dreamworks to watch him do voiceover for "Kung Fu Panda". Watching him do his magic...Read more

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A tribute to Heath Ledger

My first red carpet interview was with Heath Ledger. May he rest in peace.

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Post Holiday Rejuvenation

            It's Friday night and I have decided to cancel a party to stay home, relax and blog on AnD. I hope everyone had a great holiday. It was a busy month for me but I made sure to spend X-Mas day with family. Now I have to go back to my calendar to revisit what I've done...


            In late November, I went to Dustin Nguyen's house for the Viet Filmmakers gathering. It was my first time at Dustin and Angela's home. It was nice to see old friends (Stephane, Ham Tran, Tim Bui) and make new o...Read more

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What have I been upto these past few weeks?

    Hello, last time I mentioned I was going to explain to you my journey following James Hong at the AFI premiere of "Hollywood Chinese"... Well, it was amazing! The doc. was great! Arthur did a wonderful job and it was nice to see all the legendary Chinese American Artists on the red carpet like Joan Chen, Tsai Chin, Nancy Kwan, Amy Tan. Lisa Lu, Collin Chou, George Cheung and Arthur Dong. I believe I saw Kelly Hu in the audience as well. But the best part was the after party, dancing with James Hong to...Read more

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Wishing everyone a thankful holiday!


Kim Mi Ly

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My weekend

  On Saturday I finally took a day off to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles to view Takashi Murakami artwork. It was fascinating! I really enjoy hearing other people's interpretation of his work and evaluating my own. That’s what I love about art. I can't tell you much because it would ruin it for you, all I could say is, it is outside the box and you have to see it for yourself.

On Sunday, it was another red carpet and press screening at AFI. First I saw "Secret Sunshine" the South Korea's officia...Read more

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