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Shhh!!! Its A Silent Movie!

Its done. Do enjoy. A n D is the first place I am officially desiminating this before we send it to MTV in India.


Silent Movies_Sajid And The Lost Boys from Kenny Png on Vimeo.

I hope you guys will enjoy this song as much as all of us have.

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Behind The Scenes Of Silent Movies

Its been great, the film has been developed and we will be going into telecine tomorrow ( basically transferring the film into a video format so we can edit)

I msut say I am pretty excited about seeing it come together really.

This is one of those things when you know in your bones that it was a great shoot and you just can;t wait to see the end result.

In the meantime, here are some more intimate look at our filming process, all pictures courtesy of Jason Tan Yan Soon, a good friend and fantastic cr...Read more

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Still Life

It's been quite a while since I have updated this blog so apologies for the silence.

Well, the reason is quite simple. Sometimes there's so much work that things have to prioritized over jaw jaw really.

I have been working on another music video for Sajid And The Lost Boys from India.

The premise was very simple, I will get Indian camera guy Husain to shoot Sajid for me while we film the other parts of the video here in Singapore on 16mm film.

The song is called Silent Movies, and I decided to put in my own ...Read more

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Ugly IN The Morning

Its Boxing Day and as luck would have it, some chaps have to be at work here in Singapore.

But hey, not me which gives me time to hang out here and post silly stuff. Well not quite silly stuff.

This is more like a confession. I made a couple of chaps terrorize what we know as a Singapore Heartlands... basically housing apartments in the suburbs

Well, I told them it would be good publicity, And besides I was itchy to try something.

The boys are a band called Ugly In The Morning, and after hibernating for 5 y...Read more

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Green Frogs For Xmas anyone?

ok folks,

  its the festive season again. and as usual my holidays aren't really holidays given that there's always somethingto do when I don't have to do "office work"

  This time round, its a new single I produced and arranged for Singaporean alternative band LGF (Little Green Frog).

  This is probably on eo fmy most trying experiences given our tight timelines, my constant travelling and the fact thatthe band needed to release this single as a free download for Xmas.

  Pers...Read more

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Separate States

Separate States

That to me would be a somewhat queer pairing of words. Almost like twins but no and not quite opposites

Reminds me of Colombo. Its a nice city, but terrible place to try to film in.

Basically, everytime we whipped out a bloody camera, we see soldiers and AK47s, plus long lists of permits, waiting in police stations... you get he gist.. best part is... I am not doing some hardcore docu about their state of affairs, I was doing a business travel show promoting Colombo as a city to work with....

a...Read more

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Of Music and Other Poignant Moments

Its been a long week.

Have been working on a new documentary at work dealing with the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Its a great topic, except that the amount of story angles and footage available can be a little bewildering. But my biggest gripe has been how a whole nation can be so gripped by a cult of personality... but maybe that's an area I shouldn't comment on... after what does a creative know about politics?

On to better or shall I say bitter things. My old firned of 13 years passed away. Prob...Read more

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Hope beyond hope in all things to come

As a voice for the marginalized, my humble self and The Enigmatic Army salutes the change that we hope will come with the first American Black President Barack Obama.

I have lived in times and been granted the privilege to witness a great many things, both good and bad:

The Fall Of Communism in the former Soviet Union

The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

The First Ever assault in the heart of America

The breaking of UMNO's stranglehold in Malaysia

And now.. the world's firs...Read more

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Its My Life Musical

Ok folks,

  just a quick shout out. For those of you who are in Singapore and feeling bored, well there's something good to catch between 27 Nov to 5 Dec.

Basically it is this musical known as Its My Life.

What's so special about it? Well plenty.

This is an play where the script has been written based on improvised theatre.

And if you think the cast are trained actors/ singers, you are wrong. They are real kids from across Singapore, un trained but full of life.

This play is produced...Read more

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The KL Underground_ Music from the 8 Bit Festival

Was up in KL over the weekend to have dinner at a Spanish restaurant that serves some killer pork dishes.

Just happened that I was going to meet up with some KL indie contacts to better understand their scene since I have not checked them out for a long time.

So before dinner, we went right into the suburban hub of Ampang district, where in a very shabby shopping complex, a gig was being held in the abandoned basement... just below a supermarket!

I was in luck, the gig was the 8 Bit Mu...Read more

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