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Korea's Princess of pop is back in her hometown now!

After being on hiatus from Korea, she's back with her all new korean album!

I'm not exactly an avid fan of hers but I must say this album is impressive!

Today was the official release date and people all around me including myself were looping her album the whole day! In addition, many of us actually tweeted her to give her our views and telling her we love it! Really DAEBAK

Hurricane venus is boa title track for this album. The pace is fast and is of a typic...Read more

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2 weeks

so its just 2 weeks to go before I call off my entire uni life..

time flies and the initial 1.5years was dragged to about 2years. Not that I flung any subjects but in between i decided to take lesser mods during the semester and also some uni adjustments in the semester.

i've still got a law test later at 10am n I'm still here! Cheers man..

alright heading off


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Ravel - Bolero

This whole song is just beautiful!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-4J5j74VPw Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3-thHAvJPM

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Lesser Words

The advancement of technology makes people speak lesser and lesser.

Last time we have such a thing called diary. A physical thing that keeps our memories.

As time passes, people are getting lazier and turning to online blogs for efficiency and effectively pending down their thoughts.

But now we have twitter or maybe you call it weibo if you're in china.

Where you can express your thoughts in less than 160 words or so.

Is that a good thing or bad thing?

Well I'm just hook onto it now

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My week

This week past faster as compared to last week.

Perhaps this week have been a very very busy week for me as well as the weeks to come.

Lots of deadlines both at the end of this month as well as early nov..

I nearly went mad trying to write a thesis.. So difficult to write! and I had to spend a day at the library clearing the entire Marketing section just to find books to argue about a point.. Deadline for that horrid assignment is next fri and I've yet to start I've a test ...Read more

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Reminiscing the Past

It's teacher's day on Sept 1 for Singapore and well celebration was held on the 29th Aug.

I went back to sec school this day to visit my teachers and express my thanks to them for their guidance back in the past.

Lots of changes to the school, many of my teachers left but I'm glad my chemistry teacher remembered my friends and I from the notorious class as well as I use to be a prefect!

The school now is really artistic looking.

Check out the painting on the floor outside the home economics roo...Read more

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Together with my friends, we attended the Singapore Japanese Summer Festival Natsu matsuri 夏祭り) organize by the Japanese Association at the Japanese School

This festival is held annually and most of us wore our traditional costumes there, I haven't gotten my yukata yet but thankfully my friend lend hers to me!

It was raining that day! n the field was wet sigh.. Should call it Rain Festival (Ame Matsuri 雨祭り) instead. Well because of the rain the stage as you can see in the pic on the left is empty and they shifted in to the hall

...Read more
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Finally done with my exam today! I took half the time that is needed to complete!

yea spent 1 and a half hours out of the given time of 3!

Great! I can now focus on doing my stuff as well as her stuff..

10 more days till uni classes starts officially!

I can't wait for Saturday! 夏祭りNatsumatsuri my Japanese summer festival!

A pity I havent buy my yukatta if not I will wear it to the festival! Its been 2 weeks since I last went over to the flyer.. and whenever I'm walking to school, I will ...Read more

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It's your big day tomorrow!

I know you will be very nervous!

Whatever it as, relax and have a good sleep tonight. Have fun tomorrow and don't yourself too much pressure! I'm proud of you.

Cheers and take care

p.s I'm still struggling with my notes and trying to memorize them for my paper later on!

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Back to Studying

Exam on wed (20th Aug)

Let's work hard together my friend!

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