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RT @IndieWire: Wes Anderson’s #IsleOfDogs Soundtrack Revealed, Includes Music From Kurosawa’s ‘Seven Samurai’ and ‘Drunken Angels’ https://…

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RT @Variety: Kevin Smith thanked Chris Pratt for his message of support in a video recounting his heart attack https://t.co/ZvxDVapXdc http…

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RT @larabbiafilms: #UTU, c’est dans une semaine !

Inclus dans notre édition, le long et passionnant making of inédit réalisé par Gaylene P…

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RT @Orel_san: Défaite de famille


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RT @Akerene: Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube: http://t.co/E8Mat8gCHj The Free Design - 04 - The Proper Ornaments (by EarpJo…

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RT @ThatKevinPybus: This morning’s soundtrack from @iamclintmansell #moon I couldn’t imagine the film without this score. (It would have be…

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RT @baddestmamajama: Being ethically good is no easier for us than it is for men. It's time you stopped acting like goodness comes out of o…

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RT @fuertecito: Si no vais a ver #ElectricDreams (que deberíais), por lo menos poneos el 1x06, "Safe and Sound". Es un poco cómo sería 'El…

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RT @ManMadeMoon: So lovely to hear from so many of you who enjoyed @mute... and here's the fun bit; it will live forever on @netflix now, s…

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RT @IndieWire: #Fahrenheit451 First Trailer: Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon Burn Down the Future https://t.co/xrAtoOBzct https://t.c…

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July 23, 2007

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