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No Freak Zone...

strange article out of West Virginia:

No Booty Poppin' at the Prom Please

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Japanese Baseball

Between my trip last week to japan and the fact that the cable in my HK apartment finally gets Japanese TV signals consistantly for the first time ever, i have been catching up on my japanese baseball coverage... but ironically most everything is about japanese baseball in the US!

I turned on HK ESPN to find them showing the Mariners vs the Yankees game from last friday... it was a japanese pitcher, a japanese hitter or two and a japanese outfielder! (Igawa, Ichiro/Johjima and Matsue, respectively). Unfortunately Read more

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Takeshis' / たけしス’

ROTTEN: 5/10  5/10


Takeshis' (2005)


| Entry |

In addition to 'Perhaps Love' the other DVD i bought in CWB last week was Takeshi Kitano's " "( official site<...Read more

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Perhaps Love / 如果愛

FRESH: 6/10  6/10


Perhaps Love (2006)


| Entry | I decided to hunt this movie down after meeting Zhou Xun for the 2nd time last week at the HKFA (seeing her for the 3rd time actually if you include her wisking by me at the Banquet ...Read more

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Spider Man 3

Just went to IFC to go see Spider-Man 3 with one of my former lab mates who is in town this weekend on business (since pretty much everyone else was busy or out of town).

Like Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, it was pretty good! I'm not sure if I'd say it was better than them (Spider-Man 2 is pretty hard to beat, thats for sure), but no matter what, definitely better than any Batman or Super-Man movie, thats for sure. (creepy gay jesus stalker Super Man!)

Read more

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Not God of good Commercials...

Have you guys seen this CM that Chow Yun Fat did for a new casino in Macao?  It is WEIRD...    does not make me want to go to that hotel at all...

(ok,  weird love toy statue women installed in every bath would be a positive if it were really true,  but tiger lady was kind of a turn-off)

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now i know...

now i know what happens if you fall asleep on the night bus...

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Backstreet Fanatic...

I can't quite figure out if this is real or if its some sort of parody (a la the Terence super-fan in THK):

Totally Devoted - Grown-up Backstreet Boys Groupie

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a few youtube clips...

Off of youtube, from The Heavenly Kings...

Poor Andrew!

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Congrats to all who won at the HK film awards last night, especially Alive...

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April 13, 2007