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Another Cock related blog...

I've shared this photo before... now another 'cock' related photo:


In case of emergency...

(this was actually the emergency door release on a bus i took from Sheung Shui...Read more

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Andrew's Very AnD Birthday...

Pat organized a simple dinner tonight to celebrate Andrew's 26th birthday (you probably noticed the spotlight up about it this past day, right?)



We met up at an italian place in Midlevels.  Here are a few pics:

Andrew, Swang, Eric plus Berton.

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Party at the Grand Stage, Western Market, Sheung Wan, HK

Friday night S organized a big party for C at the 'Grand Stage', which is a restaurant/dance hall place on the top of the famed Western Market in Sheung Wan.   C is going to be leaving HK soon and it happens that her birthday is coming up, so we rolled both into one.  Altogether there were like 40-50 people in our group I think.


...Read more

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Terminal 2?

Ok, let me jump out of order here a little and share some pictures from yesterday...

The K-1 kickboxing event was at the Asiaworld Expo center, which is a huge convention center / arena area next to the airport. They hold big trade shows there all the time, and occasionally they have concerts, and in this case, a big Kickboxing thing. 

The easiest way to get their is to take the bus or train to the airport, its one short ride (or long walk) from there.  I ...Read more

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geeky blog: Sham Shui Po

Thursday evening after work i took a bus down to Sham Shui Po (

深水埗).  Its famous for its computer/electronic shops.  As you recall, my laptop is in need of a new fan, so I found some time to run down to do some shopping.

As I neared my target, I saw encouraging signs:

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A Patrick Style Blog: "...there's so much going on, i'm super busy!"

This weekend has been pretty crazy busy.... 

Wednesday: Scuba class (got home at about 10pm)

Thursday: Poker (got home at like 2am)

Friday: C's going away party,  (got home at like 3am)

Saturday: Web mixer + Racks (got home at like 5am!)

Sunday: K-1 event! (plus hot pot afterwards).  got home at midnight (early!) needless to say my sleep schedule is not doing so good.  i've only got a few weeks left before my contract ends a...Read more

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Kimono Ladies!

OK, so my last album was 'Harajuku Girls' so this time I thought it'd be a good idea to show some of the more elegant Japanese fashion to keep people from getting the impression that all people in Japan dress like Nazi S/M slaves or freakishly overgrown Read more

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How can I not buy them?

Y0-chan just forwarded me these two links to a new series of commemorative Japanese stamps...  I gotta get them!

First: Castles of Kinki Region:



Read more

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Is this for real?!?

Take a look at this link Lisa sent me...  is it april 1st already? (is this another one of those cases of the chinese media copying an english story and not checking it?):

http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2007-07/30/co... Read more

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New place!

OK, this news is actually a few days old, but its probably still news to most of you... last week I posted this entry about going down to look at an apartment in Hong Hom...


I talked it over with the parental-units, and thought about it a bit and decided to go the next day to grab the 1 bedroom before it disappeared.   Here's a picture I took of it from Read more

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