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Happy new year, thru all the pain I’m still smiling so be happy n celebrate n stay positive

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@leerocka Fractured my leg into multiple pieces.

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@CyrealCrmz Nope. 1 or 2 more I think

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RT @WORLDMUSICAWARD: Happy Birthday to U.A.E.'s Music Legend #ahlam! @AhlamAlShamsi 💖🇦🇪🎤🎶🎼🎂🎉🎁🎈💐🌟🎇 https://t.co/xD8NvALiWd

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RT @flizzow: Real eyes, realize, real lies. https://t.co/MRhedrblEH

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RT @WORLDMUSICAWARD: #BTS are the 1st and only Korean Act in history with 2 Songs certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of A…

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The doctors meant business. Well the plastic surgeons and orthopedic surgeons on my 8th n 9th surgery. N yes I’ve l… https://t.co/S78blZrZVM

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Back 2 sleep 4 me. Won’t n not feeling like doing any therapy 2day.

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RT @DonMsm: The sad truth that runs through my head is whether my doctors r doing their job on schedule or just putting their own schedule…

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I’ve gone through 7 medical procedures n prolly Monday will be my 8th then plastics came n showed n said they need… https://t.co/OhvyFfg35q

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Welcome to the Official Don M Artiste Page!! The tales and humors of Don M..... It just get's better.... Enjoy! Peace and Love!


Singapore, Singapore
August 19, 2008

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