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Marriage Proposal

So yeah 2 weeks ago was definitely a pinnacle in my life when I got engaged.

I'm kinda tired of hearing congrats so please if you can, don't say it.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7RSo8pZ0gA ...as you can see, I like to have fun at my fiance's expense. :P

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2 yrs later...


What the dilly yo?

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"By The Way"

This is D.Y. reppin da LBC and I wanna request a World Premiere track by C.A.

My team worked hard on this so show some love to the one and only D. Miles and team Awesome.

...aight Aisha, i updated ( I don't smoke anymore, this is just a emoticon).


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yes happy new year

hey all!

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KFC (kungfucinema)


@ Kung Fu Cinema ... yay? lolCHAMPION ROAD: ARENA "RED BAND" TRAILER from R.L. SCOTT on Vimeo.holla!

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blog blog blog

fine david and jay

so... how YOU doin?


i'll be back, just taking care of something.

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Not livin' uptight

I musta did something right in this lifetime haha

::group hug::

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Over Yonder

::peeping head in to look around::


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Do I exist?

haha... I'm attempting to be something more than my shallow self. haha ...

so Jays R US, how do we know we really exist? Most of us just know.

but my question is, if we didn't exist at all, does it matter?

I'll reserve my answer for now

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Soon hopefully

Some of my friends are going to be competing in AMERICA's GOT TALENT. Tommy Leng and HeJingde as you know .. with Phil, Danny, Johnny, and another guy named Sabastian. They should do well and help support them. to already begin promotions, Phil began a facebook page.###http://www.facebook.com/pages/Costa-Mesa-CA/Kungfu-Heroes/316180088037/ I'll keep you updated on when they go on TV.

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&quot;One day I will die SO today I will eat.&quot; –D.Y.


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June 5, 2007