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Cloud Songs Available Now!

"Cloud Songs" the fifth album from Celestial 天上 is available now, here.

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"The Beat Of The Heart" by Celestial 天上

This is the second video from the forthcoming fifth Celestial album, "Cloud Songs", the double CD of which should be available from our website in the next few weeks: Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBxMjutmtGs

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Faking It. Or Not.

On this the 40th anniversary of one of Mankind's Greatest Leaps, I've been reminded of a trip of exploration I once took myself. In 1991 I flew from Hong Kong to Beijing and boarded the Trans-Mongolian Express to Moscow. Except that I didn't really: it was all a fake. It was recently pointed out to me that I must have faked the whole trip as I've never gone back and done it all again. And it's all true - all these years I've been saying that I had more important things to do with my time and money than repeat a trip...Read more

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"Gone" by Celestial 天上

This is the first video from the forthcoming collection "Cloud Songs", featuring Shamus Dark on vocals and Hsin Hsiao Hung on erhu. Shot entirely on a Ricoh CX1 point'n'shoot compact stills camera.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RpKrMgHnc8

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Herps & Mutts

"Herps" are how herpetologists refer to the animals they study - which usually covers both reptiles and amphibians, i.e. snakes, frogs, lizards, etc, and so there isn't one term that covers all  these classifications. Anyway, I'm definitely not a herpetologist, but I do see the odd snake (and other creatures) when I'm walking the dog in the morning, up the mountain above where I live on Lantau Island. Just over a week ago I encountered a smallish Cobra, that didn't seem to be moving very much and seemed to be swoll...Read more

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Happy Holidays!

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This mornings snake...

Whilst walking the dog up the mountain early in the morning on Lantau, I quite often meet one or two of our slithery friends. Here's this morning's snake, a Burmese Python, which at 7 feet long was only a baby:


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Blimey it's... just right. Fantastic!

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blimey it's cold - I love it!

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Blog: Wednesday, Nov 14

It is with much sadness that we mark the passing of Stoney Mudd:  Hong Kong advertising legend, inspiration, guru, wordsmith, man of ideas, raconteur, tower of strength, confidante, father-figure, brother, and above all, friend. Rest In Peace, Stones.

Profligate with love, he gave, gave, and gave some more. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, he was gone. Only five days before at lunch with Tomoko and I, he was bouncing our daughter Mika up and down on his lap, like a pro, and saying; "I told you this was the best thing you ...Read more

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