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Oh boy ... when was last time I blogged here!

Did a recording session with 張宇 (Phil Chang) today,  a rock ballad, I like it a lot! And that will be the last job before CNY! 


December was busy, played a charity concert at 

National Indoor Stadium Beijing, it was an awesome band with musicians from all over the world: Hong Kong,USA, Brazil, Taiwan, China and Australia; not to mention the stars on the stage: will.i.am + apl.de.ap(from Black Eyed ...Read more

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Having fun in Beijing !

What a great weekend in Beijing! Beautiful weather (despite pollution) and nice hotel ! and played a great show for 37,000 !!

 Regent Beijing

Nice room Read more

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Beautiful Singapore !

I really like this country,it's clean,it's pretty,it's organized,low pollution, low crime rate, good food, beautiful weather 

nice hotel pool !

Jolin's stage:

my equipments: Read more

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A fun weekend in Shanghai !

I did 2 concerts in Shanghai last weekend, it was fun and the weather was nice !!The venue, 上海大舞台 ~

I love this GK rig, sounds awesome!

spent a morning ...Read more

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CNY show at MGM Macau

This is a CNY show at MGM Macau, for VIP only ...

This is good beer !

Read more

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NYC sunrise !

I took these pictures when I was on the way to JFK, it was very early in the morning and the sunrise was just beautiful!

I did 2 shows at MGM Grand in Connecticut last weekend, about 2.5 hours drive from NYC

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what I've been doing ~

I played 15 concerts from September to Christmas,with 3 different heavy-weight singers! Great fun and lots of memories!      **     *     *     *     *     **

with 江蕙 Jody, she is often called the Queen of Taiwanese music! in the rehearsal room:

Taipei Arena: Read more

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Another goal achieved!!

This is one thing that I have always wanted to do ...... a motorcycle trip in the US ! 

fly to L.A

spent a night at an airport hotel, get ready for the big trip!

DAY 1: Got the rental bike: a beautiful Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Read more

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What a summer!

I had a long vacation with my family in Canada,beautiful weather and clean air!

Here are some pictures to share with you

The lake:

sunset: Read more

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Canada and USA tour !

Did a show @ Casino Rama,ON and another show @ House of Blues,Atlantic City,NJ

Tired...but lot of fun!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ready for the long flight ~

The stage

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June 19, 2008