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Jackie Chan 成龍 US Interview for Big Brawl pt1/2

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Success at last!

This may be primitive to you, but i assure everyone this is just the opening shot.  I have finally resolved the bug between You Tube and blogger.  Thank you one and all again.  Now we can get down to business.

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Jackie Chan 成龍 US Interview for Big Brawl pt 2/2

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The reason to blog about Tailand's movie industry is because it is so varied. There is action, gender bending, very well choreographed Tai Boxing martial art scenes and plots so assorted that it presents itself as fresh even to a seasoned Asian Action specialist. Now, to why Tony Jaa would not be the first choice. One reason would be it's too new. Secondly, most of what will follow in the next few posts led up to what would be the Tony Jaa audiences enjoy now. Lastly, because it has not really been covered in a massive manner, it would be enjoyable to ex...Read more

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Please Let Me Introduce Myself..I Am Dragon Lord

This blog is intended to delve into Hong Kong/Asian Cinema with a spin. I may be going back further than people will care for but with diligence this blog will hopefully inform and entertain. Thank you and Kung Phooey and All Things Screwy will be opening in around 50 days or so.

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